Friday, December 12, 2008

TJ Slaughter

You may know T.J. as the NFL player, but that just scratches the surface. He's an entrepreneur (he started a marketing company), a model, and an actor. Open for Discussion caught up with him on the short film set of "Interrogation."
On the set of "Interrogation."
O.D. What motivates you?
T.J. God and Family. I come from a poor family. I'm the first to graduate college. I'm always striving to succeed.

O.D. What do you know now that you wished you knew when you first started playing football?
T.J. The business aspect of it. In college, the best man plays. Lots of talented guys fall by the way side due to a team's investments.

O.D. What are you most proud of?
T.J. My relationship with God and the man I have become. It has been a long road.

O.D. Any regrets?

T.J. I don't live my life by regretting things. The events in my past are what shapes the man I am today.

Lisa Benton, T.J. Slaughter, & Nataly Pena

O.D. Where do you see yourself in five years?
T.J. I never put limits on myself. I want to continue to grow. I'd like to do some work to help children. I'm pursuing and acting and modeling career as well as football.

O.D. What are you working on now?
T.J. My marketing company, modeling, and acting. I want to perfect my craft. I'm always learning.

T.J. was a lot of fun to work with on set. He was very open to taking direction and was a tireless worker. He was in good spirits throughout the entire shoot, even at four a.m. He was always cracking me up, but when the cameras started rolling... he was back into character. It was fun watching him take it all in, as he's new to the whole thing. I think he has a promising future ahead of him. I'd work with him any day!

-Brandon Santiago, director of "Interrogation"

O.D. What hints can you give someone who wants to play football?
T.J. Believe in yourself and work hard. Never give up. Put your heart into it. I'm a firm believer in attitude. If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. When you believe in yourself others will see the light in you.
TJ Slaughter is a perfect example of a winner in all areas of his life. He is not afraid of discipline, hard work, and a positive attitude drives him in everything he under takes.
Success for him is not a question. Watch and learn......

-Diana Sneckner, President of Avant Agency

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